CKG has an extensive range of reliable air compressors from 75 CFM up to 1600 CFM


Air Compressors

CKG has an extensive range of reliable diesel and electric air compressors ready to

meet the needs of the construction, mining, industrial and agricultural industries with

pressure ranging from 100 psi to 175 psi. Whether you are looking for an Atlas Copco,

Ingersoll-Rand or Compair machine our staff will help you to select the right machine to

get your job done. We have compact towable air compressors through to hard wired,

heavy duty high pressure units. Air equipment accessories include pressure rope kits,

air receiver tanks, manifolds, after coolers, dryers, filtration, air pressure regulators, high

pressure air and bull hoses just to name a few.

Air compressors we sell:

  •  Diesel air compressors from 75 CFM up to 1600 CFM capacity
  •  Electric air compressors from 50 CFM up to 1600 CFM capacity

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