Welding Machine

We have welder/generator units that provide 240V single phase and three phase 415V auxiliary power up to 18kVA which can be used to run small
motors, power tools, lighting and domestic appliances. They can be operated concurrently or when the unit is not being used for welding. Wire feeders
and remotes can be added to most machines.
CKG provides a wide range of portable electric & diesel welding units for construction, resource, industrial and workshop etc. Variable duty cycle and
current flows including upto a maximum 600 amps. They can be used for various welding process including stick, Mig, Tig and Arc. Eliminate the cost
and inconvenience of equipment ownership with our rental and extended-term lease programs.
Our welding generator units are from reputed brands as : Lincoln, WIA, Miller, Genset plus many more.